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Welcome to Carolina Bourbon Whiskey!

With several years in the corporate world under his belt and living several hours away from his family, Trey Herring decided that it was time to come back to North Carolina and create a business for himself. His desire was to incorporate the harvests of the crops indigenous to eastern NC and his hometown, into something that he truly loved: Small Batch Bourbon.


With 68% of Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon's mash bill containing corn from Eastern NC, Trey Herring realized his dream, by bringing his passion full circle, right back home into the cornfields where his father once workedAfter much research, hard work and true passion, Trey Herring has proudly introduced his small batch Carolina Bourbon Whiskey to the fine people of the Carolinas. We beleive that this Bourbon is the true spirits of the Carolinas, so much so, it has Trey's signature and the name Carolina Bourbon on every bottle. Join us in raising a glass to celebrate the rich heritage of the Carolinas.

Trey Herring - Carolina Bourbon's Founder and Distiller
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