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Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon Whiskey Bottles

Trey Herring's Craft Spirits will soon be releasing Raleigh Rye, the first distilled spirit specialty from Trey Herring. Raleigh Rye is the resurrection of a "raisin rye" recipe not seen since the 1950's in the Carolinas. Said to be the favorite recipe of a Johnston County, North Carolina Moonshine Legend, this is the first time this recipe has ever been produced legally and aged. The result is an exceptional spirit and a testament to the rich distilling heritage of the Carolinas.

T-Shirt Contest
Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon Photo T-shirt Contest

Submit your photo of Trey Herring's Carolina Bourbon and Win This Limited Edition T-Shirt! Multiple Winners Will Be Selected!


-Must be 21 or over to enter
-Submit entry to, include name, address, t-shirt size and brief description of photo
-Carolina Bourbon reserves the right to use all photo submissions in any media now or hereafter.

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